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Savant partners with PE Front Office to elevate Alternative Investment Portfolio Management

PE Front Office, the pre-eminent provider of end-to-end integrated solutions for Alternative Investment Management, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Savant, the leading South African hardware and deep technology incubator and venture capital firm. This partnership empowers Savant to harness the capabilities of PE Front Office in efficiently managing and optimising its alternative investment portfolio.

Savant, known for its pioneering role in Africa’s deep tech landscape, has chosen PE Front Office to streamline its investment lifecycle. The adoption of PE Front Office’s suite of tools will bolster Savant’s mission to showcase Africa’s technological innovations on the global stage.

David Rabinowitz, Investment Associate at Savant, emphasised, “As a driving force in Africa’s deep tech arena, Savant is always at the forefront of integrating best in class tools that complement our mission. This strategic move allows us to optimise our investment processes as we grow the number of Funds we manage, from driving deal flows to capturing the interest of prospective investors, thereby reinforcing our commitment to highlighting Africa’s tech innovations in international markets”.

Raghav Gupta, Senior Director of PE Front Office, commented on the partnership by saying, “We are extremely happy to partner with Savant and look forward to supporting them in optimising their investment process”.

About Savant

Savant stands as Africa’s leading hardware and deep technology incubator and investor, dedicated to addressing the funding needs of early-stage hardware technology visionaries. With two decades of industry expertise, Savant provides a nurturing, founder-centric environment for emerging hardware technology start-ups. Savant dedicates its efforts towards amplifying unique tech solutions from Africa to a global audience. By spotlighting African innovators, Savant ensures the creation of solutions that hold relevance both within the continent and on the global stage. These innovations materialise as tangible products and services that enrich human experiences and drive future-forward businesses.

About PE Front Office

PE Front Office is the exclusive and comprehensive suite of products specifically designed to enhance front and middle office processes for alternative investment management. Serving sectors such as Private Credit/Debt, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Fund of Funds, Real Estate Funds, Limited Partners, and Fund Administrators, PE Front Office offers a cloud-based subscription model as well as on-premise deployment options. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is hosted on a fully secure, dedicated virtual cloud, ensuring the utmost privacy and exclusivity for each customer.

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