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Fund of Funds

Fund of Funds (FOF)

Fund of Funds

A complete suite of solutions specific to Fund of Funds operations

As a Fund of Funds manager, you are constantly required to monitor multiple funds and be on top of your game as an Investor. PE Front Office fund of funds software helps manage your entire fund of funds ecosystem easily by offering capabilities to set up complex multilevel fund structures, track underlying investments in funds as well as portfolio companies and report investment performance efficiently to your investors.

Our comprehensive fund of funds software not only centralizes all the data but also enables you to collaborate with teams and manage multiple stakeholders to increase the efficiency of your investment process.

Fund of Funds


Helps manage the investment pipeline through extensive tracking, reporting, and analysis that enhances decision-making capabilities in both business and management teams

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Helps manage the fund-raising cycle through stage-based workflows, intuitive communications, and centralized document management

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Investment Management

Allows setting up complex investment structures and monitors underlying investments in funds and portfolio companies; also helps track cash flows and valuations and automatically calculates IRRs

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Portfolio Monitoring

Enables quick performance analysis by gathering, monitoring, and reporting on the financial parameters and KPIs of the portfolio company

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Investor Relations Management

Enables the management of investors through the entire lifecycle — from fund raising to investing and reporting — and allows tracking all of the email communications, meetings, and tasks linked to an investor

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Enables easy administration and management of all investor reporting and communication processes

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Fund Administration

Assists in tracking funds during its entire lifecycle by offering capabilities to track investments, cash flows, potential investments, and performance calculations such as IRR and MoC at the fund level

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Risk and Compliance

Automates the process of checking for any risks to compliance, thereby helping enforcement by tracking the data required for adhering to complex regulations across all the stages of investment lifecycle

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Reports and Analytics

Enables tracking and analyzing the deal pipeline and the portfolio and fund performance for generating charts and reports as well as performing real-time analysis on any custom datasets

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Powers deal flows, investment management, and investor management by providing consolidated contact information along with document, calendar, and email management capabilities

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Document Management

Offers an easy-to-use interface for tracking, organizing, uploading files and capturing links to any external storage

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