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Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring

Portforlio Monitoring

Tracking the financial parameters and KPIs of Portfolio companies is critical to investment performance. Our Portfolio Monitoring platform offers a robust solution to capture and analyze KPIs and key financial parameters.

The platform brings the entire workflow of an investee company financials, such as income statement, cashflow, balance sheet, and KPIs, onto a single platform for quick performance analysis.

Our portfolio monitoring software for private equity, venture capital, private credit/debt funds, and other alternative investment management firms puts you ahead of the curve by offering a complete view of your portfolio, enabling studied decision-making based on quick data analysis.

Portforlio Monitoring

Multilevel Portfolio Company Structures

Set up multilevel portfolio company structures and capture financials at each level, such as the business unit level, the legal entity level, or the portfolio company level. The data automatically rolls up to give you a comprehensive picture.

Custom Financial Parameters and KPIs

Define portfolio level financial year-ending, currency, units, and periodicity. Define portfolio specific financials parameters and KPIs with an option to define additional parameters at sector and GP level. Set up formula driven financials/KPIs.

Actual, Budget and IC Plan

Track financials or KPIs across Actuals, Budget, and IC case, along with automatic variance calculations. Such extensive tracking capability helps to monitor the performance of portfolio companies and fine-tune investment processes.

Easy Data Upload

Instead of manually ingesting complex financial data, upload data easily using Excel templates. You can easily rectify the data manually in case of any errors. It greatly simplifies repetitive tasks and saves time & effort.


Data collection is greatly simplified by our Investee Portal. Portfolio Companies can upload their financial or KPI data directly in predefined formats.

Covenants and Compliance

Define rules based on financial parameters and compliance tasks and set up alerts to notify deviations. The system sends alerts based on the defined threshold, and generates automatic updates on actual vs. threshold values.


The PE Front Office platform helps align with the broader objectives of society by letting you define custom ESG metrics and monitoring it for a Portfolio Company as part of the KPIs.

Analytics & Reports

Perform real-time analysis of data and generate comprehensive reports with a variety of built-in analytics, such as Portfolio Financial Performance, Portfolio Financial Analysis (YoY), and Portfolio Financials Report.

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