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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Investor Relations Management

PE Front Office investor relations solution empowers the investor relations team with extensive capabilities to manage investor relations and maximize opportunities for tracking potential investors, fundraising activities, and investor communication.

Our investor relations software for private equity, venture capital, private credit/debt funds, fund of funds, and other alternative investment firms, allows for managing investor preferences, capturing meeting notes, and tracking investors’ investment details and performance.

PE Front Office solution is one of the only private equity investor relations software that offers a built-in reporting engine enabling the investor relations team to perform real-time analysis of data and generate comprehensive reports.

Investor Relations Management

Detailed Investor Information

Capture detailed investor information, such as geography, investor type and link investors to their Relationship Managers. Track multiple investor contacts, advisors and their communication preferences.

Capture Investment Preference

Capture detailed investor preferences, such as sectors and deal types, to access suitable investors during fundraising. Also generate investment preferences reports and strategize investor outreach initiatives.

Manage Fundraising Cycle

Customize the fundraising workflow to track any fundraising stage. Track potential investor details, such as interest level, status, likely commitment, and closing. Also track follow-up investments in the fund.

Drawdown and Distribution

Monitor investor-level drawdown and distribution with a summary for each fund. Track parameters, such as total commitment, contribution amount, balance committed, and unit allocation.

Monitor Investment Performance

Easily monitor investor performance with automatically calculated ratios. The summary of investments for each invested fund enables monitoring investor level gross and net IRR as well as fund NAV.

Capital Accounts

Automatic calculation of portfolio level investor contribution and fair value. Also track fund expenses and other income based on investor commitment. It utilizes waterfall mechanisms to arrive at capital accounts statements.

Investor Communication

Use the powerful automated mail merge tool for email communication to the investors. Choose recipients and preview mails before dispatch in addition to tracking the entire communication history for each investor.


Our Investor Portal is a centralized platform for all investor communications and reporting. It also serves as a repository with robust access control for all investor documents. We also offer a white-labelled solution to suit your requirements.

Analytics & Reports

Perform real-time data analysis and generate comprehensive reports with a variety of built-in analytics, such as Investor Diversification, Investor Drawdown/Distribution, and Investor Cashflow report.

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