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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management

PE Front Office offers a powerful document management system designed to store and manage documents related to deals, portfolios, funds, etc. It offers a dedicated data room at each entity level for document storage and access, with a custom folder structure.

The software supports automated multiple document uploads for multiple deals or portfolio companies. It also captures the path to external drives, such Dropbox and Google Drive, making it a truly versatile and powerful productivity multiplier while mitigating the risk of document loss or tampering.

Document Management

Secured Data Room

A dedicated data room at each entity level enables creating custom folder structures for maintaining documents related to deals, portfolio, funds or investors.

Easy Document Upload

Upload documents from local drive using drag-and-drop feature and link to contacts, deals, portfolios, investors or funds. Support document types – Word, Excel, PDF etc. Upload multiple documents in a single click. Search by attributes and content of document (text search).

Integration with Outlook and Gmail

Upload documents from local drive directly using Outlook or Gmail plugin.

Integration with Google Drive and OneDrive

Quickly access the shared documents on Google Drive and One Drive from within PE Front Office

Digital signatures via DocuSign

Digitally sign documents or request signatures on documents from the investors by using our DocuSign Integration.

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