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Fund Management

Fund Management

Fund Administration

PE Front Office offers one of the most comprehensive and robust solutions to manage funds while saving resources and reducing operational risks.

The solution helps to automate and manage various administration activities, such as drawdown and distribution, performance monitoring, cashflows, and fund costs. Its support for complex investment structures and detailed analytics enables managing a wide range of investment products, varied class of investors, and complex and varied portfolios.

Fund Administration

Complex Investment Structures

Capture complex fund structures and cashflows catering to debt and equity markets. Seamlessly set up different fund types, such as Master Funds, SPVs, Feeder Funds, Fund of Funds, and Direct Funds.

Detailed Fund Information

Capture detailed fund information such as fund size, term, investment period, first and final closing date. View investors summary, underlying portfolio performance summary and deal pipeline at the fund level.

Fund Performance

Track quarterly portfolio investment performance summary (Gross and Net IRR/MoC, NAV) and Investor drawdown/distribution summary (DPI, RVPI, and TVPI).

Investor Summary

Generate and track real-time investment details of existing investors including investor metrics, such as commitment, contribution, distribution, NAV, Gross and Net IRR.

Drawdown and Distribution

Automated drawdown/ distribution process using Excel templates. Define drawdown/ distribution categories, manage equalization scenarios, and track units. Define templates and automatically generate capital call notices in single click.

Capital Call Operations

Define custom templates and automatically generate capital call notices in a single click. Use the powerful mail merge tool for sending these notices. Choose recipients, preview mails and track the communication history at Fund level.

Investment Cashflows & Valuations

Track transactions between funds and investment entities. Also, track the actual/expected cashflows and valuations of underlying investments and any adjustments.

Capture Fund Cost

Capture fund costs under comprehensive categories, such as bank charges and fees, interest expenses, bridge interest expenses, etc. These costs further get added automatically to calculate the fund performance metrics.

Analytics & Reports

Perform real-time analysis of data and generate comprehensive reports with a variety of built-in analytics, such as Fund Cashflow, Capital Account, and Fund Drawdown/Distribution report.

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