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At PE Front Office, we understand that the Alternative Investment landscape is ever-evolving presenting unique challenges that demand agile and sophisticated solutions and services. While our comprehensive solutions empower alternative investment firms to optimize their processes and enhance decision-making, our services help boost efficiency and productivity.

With our relentless commitment to excellence, years of industry experience, and a proven track record, we have crafted our services to streamline alternative investment operations and elevate investment management.

Our Service Offerings

In this multifaceted realm of Alternative Investment Management, we recognize that success hinges on embracing innovation and staying ahead of the curve. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of solutions, backed by seamless implementation, consulting, and data management services, alternative investment firms can stay ahead in today’s dynamic market and achieve enduring growth.


Ensuring swift implementation is essential for delivering prompt value to our clients. Given our extensive experience in resolving the complex challenges faced by Alternative Investment Management firms, we are aware of the high stakes involved. With an agile implementation approach comprising well-defined and monitored project milestones, such as Requirement Analysis, Configuration, Testing, and Go-Live, we guarantee the fastest implementation cycle in the industry. To top it all, our experienced Account Management team offers training, historical data migration, and dedicated support, to ensure a smooth roll-out to all stakeholders.


We recognize that the Alternative Investment Management industry encompasses a range of asset classes, each with its own distinct needs and requirements. For firms that require customized solutions, we offer tailored consulting services that cater to their specific needs. By following a methodical process that involves evaluating both business and functional requirements to identify customization of existing or new features/workflows/reports, we ensure that our bespoke solution meets our client’s needs.

Data Management

Precise Portfolio Company data is a valuable resource for Alternative Investment Management firms. Understanding the challenges faced by Alternative Investment Fund managers in collecting and managing Portfolio Company data, we offer a streamlined Data updation service. Led by our committed Account Managers this service eliminates the burden of the data collection and management process by handling every aspect – from creating data collection templates, to entering accurate portfolio data into templates, to uploading the data files onto the platform.