Complete Solutions for Limited Partners

PE Front Office offers comprehensive solution with focus on the front and middle office workflow i.e. identifying deals and investing & tracking portfolio companies for the Limited Partners.

Our solution includes CRM, Deal Pipeline, Portfolio Management (supports Equity, Preference Shares and Warrants transactions) and Reports & Analytics. This is further augmented by Task & Activities Management, Document Management, Outlook/Gmail Integration and Mobile App.

Solutions for Limited Partners:

Deal Pipeline

  • Helps in managing the investment pipeline by automating the creation and management of deals.
  • Provides extensive tracking, reporting and analysis that helps in decision making capability for the Business & Management Teams.
  • Supports the due diligence process, management check-list and alerts.
  • Allows to create customized workflows and enable Optional & Mandatory Tasks associated with Deal Stages.
  • Helps in organising all deal resourcing data on a common platform.

Portfolio Management

  • Offers capabilities to track actual & expected cashflows (supports Equity, Preference Shares and Warrants transactions), valuations and calculates IRR & MoC in real-time.
  • Streamlines data collection and enables quick analysis of the performance of the portfolio companies.
  • Offers capabilities to gather, monitor, manage and report data on portfolio companies’ financials & KPIs.


  • Powers Deal Pipeline, Portfolio Management and Investor Management modules.
  • Enhances productivity by providing consolidated contact information with integrated Document, Calendar, and Email management.
  • Facilitates bi-directional sync of business contact between PE Front Office CRM and Outlook/Gmail.

Reports & Analytics

  • 100% browser based solution without any need for external Software.
  • Enables tracking and analysing Deal Pipeline, Portfolio and Fund Performance with real time ability to generate charts and reports.
  • Allows for a variety of analysis based on real time data.