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Investment Management for Fund of Funds

Investment Management for Fund of Funds

Investment Management

Managing portfolio investments is one of the key tasks for Fund of Funds. This requires accurate and timely data collation from the respective portfolio companies followed by real-time analysis of the data.

PE Front Office track investments at three levels: Fund of Funds level, Master Fund level, and Portfolio level.

Our Investment Management platform enables Portfolio Managers to respond faster to the market realities in portfolio investments and make investment decisions, based on precise information and extensive analysis.

Investment Management

Direct Fund Investments

Capture Direct Fund information and keep a track of all Drawdown / Distribution transactions with Direct Fund.

Other Investors in Direct Funds

Track the commitment and contribution details of other investors of Direct Funds.

Direct Fund Performance Monitoring

Track cashflows, valuations and financials/KPIs of the portfolio company investments made by Direct Fund.

Portfolio Investments

Capture the information of the portfolio company and track actual and expected cashflows across multiple asset classes, such as equity, debt, preference shares, and bonds.

/ Cap Table

Offers capability to track investments made by non-managed co-investors in your portfolio companies and automatically adjust shareholding based on entry and exit of shareholders.

Portfolio Performance Monitoring

Perform quick analysis of the portfolio company performance by gathering, monitoring, and reporting on the financial parameters and KPIs.

Track Valuations

Capture the valuations of the underlying Direct Funds and portfolio company investments while maintaining all the historical records.

Fund of Funds Investment Performance

Track the performance of the underlying Direct Funds and portfolio investments, with automatically calculated performance parameters, such as IRR and MOC.

Analytics & Reports

Perform real-time analysis of data and generate comprehensive reports with a variety of built-in analytics, such as Portfolio Investment Report, Portfolio Cashflow Report, and Instrument Level IRR Report.

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