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Deal Flow for Venture Capital

Deal Flow for Venture Capital

Deal Flow

Alternative investment markets have their unique methods for managing and tracking the deal pipeline. These markets, typically, also vary greatly in terms of the deal volumes and the qualification processes.

PE Front Office venture capital deal flow management software lets you manage the entire deal flow with efficiency, from deal origination to commitment. Our robust venture capital deal flow management software empowers the deal team to efficiently sift through multiple deals to arrive at the winners while collaborating with geographically distributed teams and ensures that consistent processes are followed across all deals.

Given the possibility of unique processes in every organization, PE Front Office venture capital deal flow management software offers the flexibility to configure deal flows that can be customized to any internal process, along with a host of collaboration features, that allow you to stay on top of all your deals and focus on making the best investment decisions possible.

Deal Flow

Built for Venture Capital

Designed for the unique requirements of venture capital funds, this single repository can store all the data for all of your opportunities. It allows for better investment decisions too; you can easily identify that one opportunity among hundreds.

Quick, Easy and Intuitive Deal Creation

Along with a simple and intuitive user interface, you can create deals using email, mobile apps, or Microsoft Excel. Deal creation can also be automated using web or Google forms.

Deal Stage Tracking

Your investment team can use PE Front Office to track deals across multiple stages, right from prospecting, on to IC review, and to commitment. It further allows you to define and track multiple activities required for completion at each stage.

Detailed Deal Attributes

The exhaustive deal attributes of this software allows capturing all of the information about the deal. In addition to basic information, such as stage, sectors, and sub-sectors, you can also track the deal leader and the deal source.

Multiple Funding Rounds

The investment lifecycle of a venture capital fund involves multiple funding rounds. PE Front Office can capture details, such as investment stage, pre-money valuation, promoters, and other co-investors across these funding rounds.

Target Company Information

Quickly assess the target company’s financial feasibility by capturing and analyzing detailed financial metrics. Our software integrates with third-party data providers to fetch the prospect’s financial data and build custom deal scorecards.

Manage Due Diligence Process

A step-by-step due diligence process serves as a compliance checklist for a deal to move across stages. Define and track activities to be completed for each of the deal stage and set up notifications and audit trails.


Co-investors are often part of the deal pipeline management. PE Front Office enables you to capture the details of co-investors, track interest levels, and manage the fund-raising cycle.

Analytics & Reports

Perform real-time analysis of data and generate comprehensive reports with a variety of inbuilt analytics, such as Pipeline Movement Analysis, Deal Summary, and Deal Tracker report.

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